Products and solutions

Information technology for tailor-made projects

We develop according to cloud computing logic, exploiting Apis, microservices and artificial intelligence

Products and solutions

Information technology for tailor-made projects

Let’s give voice
to your ideas

Let’s give voice to your ideas

22HBG’s contribution to its customers and partners is not only and exclusively “turnkey”, each project represents a challenge to be won thanks to collaboration, experience, experimentation.

The IT development, the interfaces design, the communication of 22HBG products for us always concerns the relationship between people and their challenges, between the limits of reality (factual, ethical, economic) and the goodness of ideas.

We choose and work with technologies based on real needs, with a view towards solidity, safety and attention to the duration of projects and applications.

The products and solutions we propose are scalable, they communicate through Apis with other computer systems, they can adapt and grow on the basis of needs: we have long realized the inevitability of cloud computing and its importance, but the projects that we follow provide for the control of data from us, partners and customers; our perspective is to make the best use of the services that the digital giants make available, but with a total respect for the data, of its management, of its security.

Smart Speaker

The speech interface is the most natural available to us (immediately after the touch-screen). We see it from how our children behave, so comfortable talking to Alexa or Google Home, we see it by analyzing the interactions, the phrases that people say to devices.

We create skills and actions complete with dialogues and narratives, helping the customer to create the interactions of value between the brand and people. We distribute audio streams, podcasts and radios, and create unique experiences.


When we create an app we look at the project: whether it’s simple apps for digital transformation of radios or more complex interactive projects like gamified guides, we think of the users who will use them, what value they can provide them and the brand that proposes it. From design to computer engine, we choose from time to time, together with the customer, which is the most suitable solution. And we make the app work in a coherent and effective communication and technology ecosystem.

Smart Device

22HBG is an expert company in always involving new technologies in the distribution of information. From Xperi’s connected cars, to native smart TV interfaces or third-party interfaces, we ensure that content can reach as many audiences as possible, understanding needs and delivering reliable and long-lasting technological results.

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