Digital Urban Districts

Social Media and Drive to Store

The rebirth of local commerce, thanks to technology

Digital Urban Districts

Social Media and Drive to Store

La rinascita del commercio locale, grazie alla tecnologia

La comunicazione per le smart country

From the smartcity projects’ vision to the Commercial Urban Districts support, our vision is to give the territories a technology that serves, and make it grow together with the people who will use it.

Installation of digital signage with radio and social streams dedicated to small business, proximity e-commerce platforms and storytelling for territories are just some of the actions that we have carried out and that we will continue to implement in Italian provinces and cities.

We realize territorial storytelling on social networks, working with specific content creator, both individual and choral, choosing the appropriate project mode and community reference.

With an important focus on social networks management for urban districts of commerce, provincial cities, those territories that we like to define smart country.

Some 22HBG projects:

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