Turn your brand into
a media company


Turn your brand into
a media company

Upload, rank,
distribute and measure
your digital content

Content management

Content management platform

Peperoni is a platform for the management and distribution of digital content (texts, podcasts, radio, videos, images).

Peperoni allows to store all business content on a single platform, ensuring maximum control and total security.

Peperoni was created for all companies that need to offer quality content to users on all touchpoints: from website to apps, from smart speakers to smart TVs to digital signage solutions and iot devices.

Peperoni allows users to measure content usage in one place. Channels’ data usage are imported on the platform, in order to understand the behavior of users in relation to the content and draw valuable insights for communication and marketing.

Peperoni can be integrated into existing channels, without having to alter the already in use platform, this offers advantages in terms of operating time, but also in files management and classification. 

Peperoni Intelligence is the module that allows to automatically classify content through artificial intelligence and suggest appropriate related content, starting from content analysis as well as user behavior and interests.

Thanks to Peperoni, it is possible to transform each one’s reality (company, organization, government) into a real media company, feeding the communication channels and measuring the contents effectiveness.

Today the platform is already at the core of some ecosystems ranging from information to the IoT devices management, a flexibility given by the design through API and the use of cloud computing infrastructure. 

Peperoni Smart Country is the configuration of the platform dedicated to the specificities of public bodies and territorial aggregates, such as Category Associations or Urban Districts of Commerce.


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