All the radio wave by bit

FM-world is the 22HBG
dedicated to the world of the radio


All the radio wave by bit

The app, the site,
the community

The app, the site, the community

Radio is in the hearts of many people. A mean of mass communication that was defined as hot, when all the information and the greatest emotions passed from there, the Sunday football, the extraordinary news, in even older times the great narratives.

Despite all proclamations, radio has never died, it has been transformed and continues to transform, following the tastes and passions of people.

We listen to the radio while driving, podcasts while training, cleaning, drinking coffee in the morning: speakers’ voices and the music of every era cross our lives, even today.

22HBG was born with the radio: heir to the world’s leading broadcast company, Elenos, 22HBG is the link between past and future. 22HBG develops applications dedicated to the audio world, such as the first version of TX Control, and loves radio to the point of having promoted and adopted an internal universe called FM-world.

 FM-world is the reference website for radio information and the first Italian radio streaming aggregator.

Born as a blog for radio professionals and fans in 1998, for ten years FM-world is a newspaper and one of the most downloaded industry apps.

It is part of the 22HBG group that has exported the brand to various parts of the world, starting from the United States where it has established a synergy with the Xperi platform, which connects more than 60 million cars.

FM-world is also a “social” point of interaction between radio operators, with the Facebook page, the Talkmedia group and the new Instagram profile.

In addition to the app for smartphones and tablets, FM-world is present on Smart Tvs and smart speakers as well.

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